Pizzaioli d’eccezione: oggi si impara a fare le pizze.

wood-fired Pizza Making

Learn the art of Neapolitan pizza in this hands-on group or private* pizza making discovery!

Your expert Pizza chef will greet you and lead you into the kitchen to begin your lesson.  Your pizza-making cooking class starts with the fundamental step to excellent pizza-making: creating the dough.

After learning the art of dough-making and kneading, your chef will tell you about the great differences in Italian styles of pizza throughout the country, and discuss the Naples' angle - where pizza was invented and where many amazing pizza master chefs come from.

Your pizza-making cooking class continues when you learn how to light your oven, a traditional wood-fired pizza oven that produces the amazing pizzas you'll soon be tasting.  Learn about the wood, how to heat the oven, and how to properly move wood in order to cook your delicious pizzas once they've been prepared by you and the chef, and will be ready to cook.

Next up will be a lesson in rolling the different shapes and varieties of pizza complete with different delicious toppings.  Your pizza chef uses only the freshest, local ingredients when creating these mouth-watering pizzas.

After your pizzas are in the oven, you can sip some wine as your pizzas are cooking.  Before you know it, you'll be tasting the pizza delights you have created together in this unique pizza-making cooking class! 


Lesson Start: 10.30/14.00 – 17.30/22.00

Lesson Duration: 4/5 hours

Availability: Daily, upon request.


Please contact the Reception for more details or bookings.