This tour is ideal for those wanting to experience two of the most touristic icons of the Campania region – the archaeological ruins of Pompeii and the most explosive volcano on the European continent, Vesuvius. 

The talented and knowledgeable English-speaking guides will start their commentary from the moment you step foot on the bus!  Following a brief overview of the Sorrento coastline as you leave the peninsula, you will reach the first destination of the tour, Pompeii.

Pompeii was founded around the eighth century BC by Osci who settled and divided it into 5 villages at the southern foot of Mount Vesuvius, not far from the river Sarno, once navigable.

The first settlements date back to the Iron Age, or the IX - VII century BC C., when there was the culture of "graves". Pompeii at that time was a very important commercial centre, so that it was a key destination for expansion by the Greeks and the Etruscans and then the Samnites later on. The Samnites had the benefit of having enlarged the walls of the town, making it a larger urban development.  At this time there was a strong architectural boom: a triangular and rectangular Forum were reconstructed and other important buildings including the Temple of Jupiter, the Basilica and the House of the Faun, which is the size of a Hellenic Palace. In the same period, the Temple of Isis was built which provides evidence of the trade that took place with the East of Pompeii.

After visiting Pompeii you will have free time for lunch before proceeding to the crater of Mount Vesuvius. The coach will climb Mount Vesuvius to approximately 1000 meters above sea level, then you will continue on foot along a path to the peak of the volcano for an impressive view of the crater. You will be accompanied here by a specialized mountain guide.

Return to Hotel is in the late afternoon.   

*Note: Lunch and archaeological site entrance fees not included. Passport required to be shown at site entrance.

Departure Days:Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Departure Time: approx. 7:30am (from Resort)
Tour Duration: approx.8-10 hours

Please contact the Reception for more details or to book.