Trekking: places to explore

Trekking: places to explore

For twelve months a year you will have the opportunity to explore the nature and the amazing surroundings of the Sorrento coast right from the Residence Gocce di Capri.

Excursions *
The area has 22 marked trails and maintained, with a total length of 110 km (68 miles).
Among the best tours of the peninsula it stands out to Punta Campanella. From the neighborhood of Termini, 300m from the Residence Gocce di capri, you have to continue on the street track, which is to the right of the central square. The route passes through the village of Termini and then continues along the valley of Cala Mitigliano, known for its Mediterranean vegetation, rich with olive and myrtle, virtually unobtainable plant nowadays. Continuing, you come across a plateau with large boulders and in the ruins of the medieval tower Namonte, after which the trail begins a steep descent towards the sea with the outline of Capri which is the continuous background. From this point on you you'll have a clear view of the island, with Mount Tiberius, Mount Solaro, and its Faraglioni, just 5 km (3 miles) away. A modern lighthouse stands guard at this treacherous stretch of sea, made such by many rocky outcrops.
Punta Campanella is named after the bell placed on the Minerva Tower; the tower - built in 1335 and remodeled in 1566 - served as a lookout point against pirate raids. On-site can still see the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, testifying the glorious past. To the east of the tower you can also see Ieranto bay.
The course has a vertical drop of about 300 meters; it takes 45 minutes downhill to reach the location, something more for the return.
If you like the challenge, you can choose an alternate path. From Termini, take the road that leads to Mount San Costanzo, at 497m (1,630 feet) above sea level, before descending again towards Punta Campanella. It is even more picturesque, but longer and more challenging (appoint it about 3 hours).
The terrain is quite steep, sometimes it can be moderately challenging. From Nerano center, on the right side, take the trail that goes into the vegetation, after the last group of houses. About halfway the path connects to a path that leads to the slopes of Mount San Costanzo, the westernmost peak of the Lattari Mountains. Without detours, go through the Mediterranean and will arrive at the beautiful bay, after a journey of about an hour, which will allow you to enjoy a beautiful view.
From the hamlet Torca, take away Pedara that turns, at some point, in a dirt track. The narrow road descends steeply through olive groves and old farmhouses, and then among the rocks in a narrow natural tunnel into the mountain. Coming on the west side of the cliff, you can admire the ruins of the abbey of St. Peter, dating from the twelfth century. After the walk you will find a small creek and a lovely sea against a backdrop many rocks, where it is said the sirens did shipwrecked sailors attracted by bewitched singing. From the beach are the remains of a Roman patrician villa, where there stood the ancient city of Capreolae (today Crapolla). It will take 30 minutes downhill.

Marina del Cantone (Nerano)

Well known to the ancient Greeks who called Hyeros Anthos, meaning "sacred flower", this bay was declared a protected area in 1984 and, therefore, still remains an unspoiled paradise.
Not far away is the small village of Marina del Cantone which overlooks a pond among the most crystal clear of Italy. Famous for its maritime past, in a position that offers the privilege of privacy, Nerano stands out for its gastronomy and for its enchanting atmosphere that you can breathe in the summer evenings.
Marina del Cantone peeks of the Gulf of Salerno, between the Bay of Ieranto and Recommone, lovely pebble beach surrounded by famous restaurants and bars equipped.
365 days a year you will have the opportunity to explore the nature and the magnificent scenery of the Sorrento Peninsula, a few steps from Capri drops.
For more details on the hiking trails or to book your naturalist guide who will accompany you along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Excursions can be organized on request:
  • Path of the Gods (Praiano / Positano, Amalfi Coast)
  • Valle delle Ferriere (Amalfi)
  • Wind (Vico Equense)
  • Punta Campanella (Massa Lubrense)
  • Ieranto Bay (Massa Lubrense)
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